Wheel Throwing Class for Kids and Parents

A fun pottery workshop for both parents and children in Melbourne. New skills and quality time!
What you'll do

If you are seeking engaging activities for kids during the school holidays, consider joining this pottery workshop in Melbourne. Here, participants will explore the art of crafting unique ceramics using clay.

Led by skilled artisans, children will receive expert guidance in the fundamental techniques of wheel-throwing with clay. Whether they are budding craft enthusiasts or simply enjoy a bit of messiness, this class is perfect for fostering their creative inclinations.

Tailored for beginners, both you and your child will be introduced to the step-by-step process of wheel-thrown pottery through entertaining demonstrations and hands-on practice. Utilizing these fantastic techniques, you will have the opportunity to create trinket bowls, small cups, or any imaginative piece that comes to mind.

All necessary materials, including clay, tools, and aprons, are provided in the class, requiring only your attendance for a session filled with creative enjoyment!

Knowledge required

Beginner class, no prior skills or knowledge required.

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