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Diana Ceramic Studio is my lifelong dream that has been made a reality; a space to shape, reshape, and fulfill my love for pottery, and share my skills and passion with others. It’s a cosy, friendly, and inspiring space, welcoming anyone who shares a passion for clay and ceramics, from absolute beginners to seasoned artists.

“The studio gives access to equipment that is otherwise unavailable or too costly for individuals to afford and provides a fun and relaxed environment to learn, create, and chill out.”



Founder & Ceramic Artist

A few years back, on a chilly night, I decided to try my hand at pottery to break the monotony of work life. Little did I know, that decision would cast a spell on me. The feel of clay was like magic, turning something as ordinary as mud into extraordinary art. Before I knew it, pottery became my after-hours passion, a way to express myself, meditate, and reflect.

My background in science, my feminine touch, curiosity, and a love for experimentation gave me a unique perspective in shaping clay into extraordinary forms. My work, from tableware to decorative bowls and vases, is known for its elegant imperfection, playfulness, and simplicity.

I\'m a bit of a rebel when it comes to traditional pottery. I love breaking the rules and adding my own modern twist. Playing with different types of clay and creating new glaze recipes is a thrill. Each time I open the kiln, I\'m filled with excitement.

Pottery is my way of speaking without words, expressing my roots and cultural identity—a blend of Australian simplicity and my Persian heritage. As a woman who grew up in Iran, I use my art to challenge cultural taboos and gender stereotypes, particularly by celebrating the female form.



Wheel Throwing & Hand Building Teacher

Jen, a ceramic artist and native of Naarm/Melbourne. Her impressive academic journey includes studying ceramics at RMIT University, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2022. 🎓

Jen\'s heart is dedicated to clay and ceramics, and she delights in imparting her expertise, guiding individuals through diverse ceramic techniques.

What truly distinguishes Jen is her profound bond with the local environment and its wildlife, a wellspring of inspiration for her artistic journey. She\'s not only a skilled artist but also a nature-inspired storyteller who brings the beauty of her surroundings to life through her art.



Wheel Throwing Teacher

Sonya, a ceramic artist with 7 years of dedicated practice. Her craftsmanship yields high-quality, durable functional ware designed to stand the test of time.

Sonya\'s creative journey revolves around the harmonious interplay of texture, form, and mindfulness. Her work is a testament to her commitment to promoting conscious consumption, embracing the flow of creative practice, and advocating for the virtues of slow living.

Teaching is a cherished aspect of Sonya\'s passion. She finds immense joy in sharing her love for pottery, imparting her wisdom to kindred spirits eager to delve into the world of ceramics. Sonya\'s dedication to her craft and her love for teaching make her an invaluable presence in the ceramic community.



Wheel Throwing Teacher

May, a self-taught pottery artist who uncovers solace and inspiration in the world of clay. For May, pottery is more than a hobby; it\'s a soul-stirring experience, a means to channel her energy, seek inner peace, and express her unique vision.

Influenced by the rich traditions of Japanese culture, May\'s work is an elegant fusion of minimalism and abstract art. She continually pushes the boundaries of her craft, delving into the creation of larger abstract forms.

Beyond her personal creativity, May\'s passion extends to teaching. She finds immense joy in sharing her pottery knowledge with students at Diana Ceramic. Her unwavering patience and dedication make her an invaluable asset to our team.



Studio Assistant / Ultimate Destroyer

Toffee, our Studio Assistant and Ultimate Destroyer, became a part of our team in March 2021, at just 2 months old. This intelligent and endearing boy, known for his long, drooping ears, is on a mission to spread joy through sniffing and delightful antics.

With a social disposition, Toffee thrives on the company of both adults and children. His presence adds a playful and heartwarming touch to our studio, where he\'s always ready to bring a smile to people\'s faces, making him an integral part of our team