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Take your pottery skills to the next level in Melbourne!
What you'll do

Dive deeper into the art of pottery with our specialised Intermediate and Advanced Wheel Throwing Course, a perfect avenue for those ready to refine their skills and embrace new challenges in Melbourne. Designed for potters who have moved beyond the basics, this course is your gateway to mastering advanced techniques and truly expressing your creativity through clay.

Who This Course Is For

Ideal for individuals with a solid pottery foundation, this course assumes a certain level of comfort with the wheel. Perhaps you've graduated from our Beginner's Wheel Throwing Workshop or similar, and you're looking to push the boundaries of what you can create. This course will introduce you to complex forms, intricate designs, and the nuanced control of your materials.

Our Approach

Our teaching philosophy centres on clarity, personal attention, and practical application. Classes are capped to ensure every participant receives individual guidance. We demystify the advanced aspects of pottery, breaking down complex techniques into understandable steps. Whether you're interested in exploring Glow-in-the-Dark Wheel Throwing Classes or refining your skills for more traditional projects, our expert tutors are here to facilitate your journey.

Course Structure

•Expanding Your Skills: From mastering the wheel to perfecting your glazing technique, our course is designed to broaden your pottery repertoire.

•Practical Projects: Engage in projects that challenge and excite, from intricate vases to large-scale pieces.

•Personalised Feedback: Our tutors provide constructive feedback tailored to your individual progress and goals.

Beyond the Course

Our commitment to your pottery journey doesn't end with the final session. We encourage ongoing practice and exploration. Graduates of this course often find themselves exploring more specialised workshops in our range.

Want to share your new skill with friends? Why not organise for a group to attend our Beginners Wheel Throwing Workshop - Mud and Merlot, for a fun twist on pottery in a guided setting.

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Are you ready to elevate your pottery practice? Join us at Diana Ceramic, Melbourne's premier pottery studio, where creativity meets mastery. For parents looking to introduce their children to the joy of pottery, consider our School Holiday Wheel Throwing Class for Parents and Kids. Whatever your skill level, we have a course to match your aspirations

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